October Safety Message - School Bus Safety

October Safety Message - School Bus Safety

October Safety Message – School Bus Safety

Children are our most precious resource and by following basic transportation safety and reinforcing positive safety habits we can help to keep children safe throughout the school year. 

School buses are simply the safest way to transport children to school. The design of the school bus is governed by several federal regulations and by Canadian Standards Association standard D250.  Of all Alberta collisions, those involving school buses account for less than 0.5%.   Our goal each day is to transport all students safely to and from school.  Our bus drivers continually participate in on and off road training and perform mock bus evacuations with students.  All our school buses are regularly inspected and maintained, installed with safety equipment such as electronic “No Child Left Behind” devices, GPS systems, and some even have cameras to monitor inside and outside of the vehicle.

Please take a few minutes to talk to your children about school bus safety.  Advise them to wait to cross the road until the lights are flashing on the bus and the stop sign is out, to look both ways, and not to cross the road until all vehicles are stopped.  If you have young children, be sure to meet them on the same side of the road that the school bus is on. This may prevent them from running across the road without looking.

Also please note that National School Bus Safety Week is October 20-26th and this year’s theme is “Ready to Ride.” 

Safety Advisory Committee